Over the years, our family has grown into a very large family. We have branches all over the U.S. It all began in a small town in South Carolina known as Ridge Township, which today is known as Williamsburg County and the community is "White Oak" 
George Jones was born in 1864 and passed away between the years of 1920-1930. We were unable to trace back any of his roots from his parents. Mary Cunningham Jones, aka, Tuckie, was the daughter of Elsie Cooper and Efraim Cunningham. Elsie was born a slave in 1841 to Virgil and Daphney Cooper. Elsie married Efraim and they had 4 children; Mary, Ann, Rachael & Efraim. Goerge Jones married Mary Cunningham and they had 5 daughters and 1 son; Ella, Lela, Fanny, Sarah, Vermell & Hampton. George also had 3 other daughters aside from his legal family; Carrie, Rebecca & Gallie. 

Mary Jones was a woman that perfected many traits. She served as a mid-wife in the community, farmed her land until she was no longer able to, and also was the owner of the first school located in the community. She was very well known in the community and very well respected. She passed away at the age of 82 in 1952.