ARTICLE I: Family Reunion Name
The name of this group shall be “George & Mary Jones Family Reunion”, and hereafter may be referred to as the “Family”. The Family will consist of descendants of George and Mary Jones and their husbands or wives.
The mission of the Family is to reunite, maintain and strengthen the extended family in a social atmosphere; inspire our youth to actively engage in the research and preservation of our rich family lineage; joyfully welcome newcomers to the reunions so they will quickly acquire a feeling of ownership and kinship.
ARTICLE III: Reunion Meeting
A reunion of the Family will be held on the 3rd weekend during the month of July, every two years. It will consist of four days beginning on Thursday and ending on Sunday. During the reunion, a business meeting will always be held to update the Family on the new business, remind them of the old business and to choose where the next family reunion will be held. Each reunion may be held in different geographical locations as voted on by the membership and be hosted by a family member that resides there. When a family member takes on the responsibility of hosting a reunion, they will have control of planning the reunion under the direction of the Executive Committee. All contracts dealing with the reunion, will need to be approved by the committee before being signed by the host. All payable monies will be disbursed through the treasurer. The designated host will make sure the Secretary has a copy of all paperwork and the treasurer has a copy of all receipts. If the family member that resides in that city and state is not interested in hosting the reunion, then it shall be hosted by the Executive Committee. The same shall be valid if no family member lives in that city and/or state.
ARTICLE IV: Officers and their Duties
Officers of the George & Mary Jones Family Reunion shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The position of Genealogist shall be appointed by the Chairman to support and assist in carrying out the mission of the Family. Other appointed officers shall be made by the Chairman as deemed necessary.
•       Preside at all meetings of the Family Reunion and the meetings of the Executive Committee. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall preside over the meetings.
•       Coordinate the work of the officers’ and committees of the family reunion in order that the objectives of the family can be fulfilled.
•       Hold as the official representative for the family at other meetings designated by family members.
•       Approve all newsletters, flyers, and/or communications prior to distribution.
•       Appoints committees and chairpersons and call special meetings as necessary.
•       Establish and communicate the vision of the Family Reunion.
•       Acts as support and aide to the Chairman.
•       To act on behalf of the Chairman in his/her absence in order of precedence. In the case where the Chairman is absent and the Vice-Chairman is also absent, the meeting shall be postponed until further notice.
•       To carry out the policies of the family reunion by developing and administering specific programs within their assigned spheres of activity.
•       Support assigned committees as designated by the Chairman.
•       Keep accurate record of the proceedings/minutes of all meetings of the organization and the executive board.
•       Prepare and maintain a listing of all unfinished business for the use of the Chairman.
•       Prepares and send out newsletter and/or updates website.
•       Maintains membership records; names, addresses, email, phone numbers, birth, death, and anniversary data on all family members.
•       Keep permanent book of account and records of all dues, receipts and disbursements of the family reunion.
•       Receive all monies giving a receipt therefore, and deposit accordingly.
•       Pay all bills authorized by the Family Executive Committee for the family reunion.
•       Make an annual financial report for the Family including all gross receipts and disbursements for each year.
•       All checks over $500 shall be countersigned by the Chairman and the Treasurer.
•       To supervise and direct compilation of complete and accurate genealogical records of the ancestors and descendants of George and Mary Jones.
•       To select assistants, subject to approval of the chairman, to help supervise the gathering of genealogical data, those assistants shall function as a committee, the genealogist being the chairman of those assistants.
•       The genealogist and the assistants shall have the authority to call upon all members of the family for genealogical data and for assistance in performing genealogical research, and engage as many family members as will respond in this effort, with the genealogist supervising all research activities.
•       The genealogist may engage the services of professional researchers working on a fee basis, provided the finances are available to support, subject to the approval of the executive committee.
ARTICLE V: Election of Officers
The appointed officers of the Executive Committee shall serve until he/she relinquishes their office or until family members, by majority vote, vote them out of office; in which case a successor shall be named by a separate family member vote.
ARTICLE VI: Membership
Membership in the George & Mary Jones Family Reunion shall be open to all persons whom are descendants of George and Mary Jones and their husbands and wives. Persons who are not direct descendants of George and Mary Jones but who are very close friends of the Family that are interested in the genealogy and the ancestors or descendants are welcome to attend as guests of the Family. Those persons may become active guests of the Family by contacting the secretary with their information and paying the membership dues required to sustain membership.
ARTICLE VII: Family Reunion Dues/Donations
Payments of family reunion membership dues are required for family members unless suspended by the Executive Committee for a reunion. These funds will be used in all aspects of administering the reunion. Membership dues will be due per two-year period per family unit to include all children living in the home up to the age of twenty-one. If a child is a full-time student, they may be included in a family unit up to the age of twenty-six. The fees for the membership dues are as follows;
1) Single & Couples- $100
2) Family of Three-Four- $150
3)Family of Five or more- $175
Membership dues will be due beginning July 1st – December 1st the year prior to the reunion.
All membership dues and other dues that will be paid out to the reunion will be NON-REFUNDABLE. In the case where an emergency has arisen and a family member is unable to attend the reunion after they've already paid their dues, they will have two options;
1) They may volunteer to allow the money to be paid for another family member that may need assistance with paying their dues,
2) They will be allowed ONE rollover allotment for the next reunion.
If they choose to pay for a substitute family member, then that person will be notified and the money will be used in all aspects for that substitute family member to attend the reunion. If they decide to have their money rolled over for the next reunion, their family name will be recorded and saved; this will allow a credit to be applied for the fees that may be due. If they are unable to attend the following reunion, their money will then be used to assist another family member in attending the reunion based on that family member’s needs.
Donations will be accepted all year long. Family members can submit their donation through the family website under the donations tab. When available, donations will be used to offset the cost of the reunion dues, assist family members that may need assistance in paying their dues and paying miscellaneous fees for the reunion. How or where the money is spent is subject to approval through the Executive Committee. Any money disbursed will be documented in the family reunion transaction records.
ARTICLE VIII: George & Mary Jones Family Reunion Website/Facebook
George & Mary Jones Family Reunion website is the official publication/website for the family reunion and will be used to disseminate information regarding membership, reunion activities, and family heritage and traditions. The Family will also use a Facebook account for updates on the reunion and various deadlines that may be approaching for those that have Facebook accounts.
ARTICLE VIII: Amendments
The Bylaws may be amended at any reunion business meeting of the Family by a majority vote by members present that are in good standing with paying dues. Proposed amendments should be submitted to the Chairman in writing two months prior to the start of the business meeting.