Sarah "Patty" Duffy Lawrence has gladly accepted the job as family genealogist. She's researched our ancestors going back to Virgil Cooper and Daphney (maiden name unknown), who were the parents of Elise Cooper, born in the mid-1800s.

Please note the family tree here on the website is an abridged version. To keep it simple, we have decided to show just the first few generations - from Virgil Cooper and Daphney to the children of George Jones and Mary Cunningham.

At this year's 2022 reunion, we will display the fully tree -- all 8-generations. This will include George Jones and Mary Cunningham's 4th great-grandchildren! 

A family tree is the best way to ensure our lineage is properly tracked and recorded, so it's important to keep it updated. Therefore, please contact Pat if you'd like her to add family members to the tree!

We will also be collecting any new names to add to the tree at this year's reunion in Savannah, so be sure to come with any new information you have collected over the past few years.
From the 1800s until today
From the 1800s until today
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